Save Money: Buy More Meat!

As you know, meat is a big part of a performance and health diet, but it can get expensive to keep the cuts of meat constantly varied! One solution is to buy bigger parts of the animal to cut down on cost and the number of trips you need to make to a butcher or store. Some people will buy a whole cow while others will split parts of the animal with groups of people. While the cost upfront can be steep (upwards of $2,000 for a whole cow), it will save you money in the long run because the cost per cut goes down. Plus, you don’t have to head out to the store as much. All you need is some planning and enough freezer space. Deep freezers are ideal if you have the room for one. 
Here is an excellent guide by Iowa State on what cuts of beef and pork look like and what to expect when buying in bulk. It’s very thorough and goes through things like the differences among live weight vs. hang weight vs. cut weight; plus it has colorful pictures of different cuts of beef so you can actually know what the difference between a NY strip and T-bone are: Beef and Pork Whole Animal Guide
Eat Wild has a listing by state of farms that will sell whole-eighth of animals, here is the link for my Pennsylvania friends, but you can get to any state from here: Eat Wild – PA

Have you bought animals in bulk? Would you consider doing it if a group of people went in on one?


Shorter, More Frequent Posts

The title pretty much says it all. I find it challenging to sit down and write long posts that require a few hours of research/writing. So I’m going to change over to more frequent posts, but much shorter length. Every so often I will throw in a longer post when it’s necessary. I hope this is ok with everyone! Of course you can always throw me anonymous feedback with the box in the upper right corner.