How Fitness is Like Money – #1

At first glance, fitness and money have nothing to do with each other, but actually there are several similarities. One of them is time. It takes time to get results from both. When people invest their money, compound interest may start slowly, but over time can build great wealth. Being fit takes time and dedication as well. There are no quick fixes despite what infomercials tell you. Can you crash diet and lose weight quickly? Sure. Is it healthy and/or sustainable? Absolutely not. Just like you could go to the casino and lay a big bet down, you’re gambling with your health if you look for quick fixes. To build strength and lung capacity, there is no secret formula, but there is a simple blueprint: Lift heavy, sprint, and eat real food, and the benefits will come with time.


2 thoughts on “How Fitness is Like Money – #1

  1. This is really relevant to a finance blog that I read on a regular (wfs)Very similar ideas/ideals to Crossfit (and the main blogger actually does CF!). Work hard at it and you will see results (financially and physically).Plus you can figure that a guy who is very good at saving and not wasting his money has really researched a workout regimen that isn't one of the cheapest.Here are some specific blog posts that either reference crossfit or compare fitness and finances (wfs): fit everyone (physically and financially)! I love how Crossfit tenets can be applied to other aspects of our life. 🙂

  2. Peterson,One of my favorite blogs as well. I remember when JD was looking for a fitness program and I mentioned CrossFit. Plenty of others did as well, but I was happy to see him take it up!

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