Foggy and Groggy

Are you foggy and/or groggy during the day? Do you get that slump after eating lunch? There are probably several factors working in there, but the biggest is probably your food. Wait, what about sleep? Yes, that is an important factor, but one that is obvious and one that you’ve probably tried to correct while not getting great results. However, you might have overlooked the nutrition piece. Eating a SAD diet (Standard American Diet – think food pyramid) causes big sugar rushes and insulin spikes whether you know it or not. You may think you eat a low-sugar diet, but remember that having bread (yes, even “whole grain” bread) and pasta (yes, even “whole wheat” pasta) will break down very quickly in your system and be converted to sugar. It is this roller coaster ride that can contribute to those slumps in the day. Remember, your body normally has about a teaspoon of sugar flowing through it, or about 5 grams. If you were to eat the exact proportions of the food pyramid recommended by some doctors, you would be consuming the equivalent of 300 grams of sugar a day!
Take out the grains and sugar, add in plenty of protein and fat (yes, fat is good!) and you get rid of the slumps and fogginess. Also, get good, quality sleep as this is also a factor. Hit the link below for more specifics on what food head towards.

One thought on “Foggy and Groggy

  1. This is SO TRUE Chris! I used to be ready for a 3:00 nap every day at my desk thanks to that spike and dip in my insulin levels. That sandwich or wrap at lunch has been replaced by non-carb loaded choices and I feel a TON better!!

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