Google Recipes

 new Google Recipes in action
In case you haven’t noticed, Google has just rolled out a new feature to their ever-expanding line up: Google Recipes. Although you could google recipes before, this one allows you to filter out ingredients, cook time, and even calories. (not that we are too concerned about calories, right?) It would be great if you could filter “paleo” or even “gluten free.”
How do you get recipes? Internet? Book? Make it up as you go?

Trader Joe’s Food

Trader Joe’s – a paleo/primal friendly supermarket
Whenever I read other nutrition blogs or websites, I’m always wondering “Ok, that’s great that you know the science behind nutrition, but what food do YOU buy?” I’ve done posts like this in the past (see below links), but here’s one from Trader Joe’s. Hit up the comments for questions or…comments!

Per request, an itemized list (approx. price next to it since I threw out the receipt. If I do something like this again, I’ll be sure to include the receipt!)
2 dozen cage free eggs ($3/doz)
4 avocados ($3.50)
Seedless cucumber ($1.50)
Eggplant ($2?)
3 Zucchini ($2)
2 Squash ($2)
Almond Meal ($7)
Carrots ($3)
Roast Beef ($3.50)
Turkey breast ($3.50)
Banana slices ($2)
5 Pink Lady apples ($0.50/ea)
3 pounds grass fed ground beef ($5/ea)
1.5 lbs. free range beef stew chunks ($8)
mango chicken sausage ($4?)
2 dried mango slices ($3/ea)
slivered almonds ($2)
3 gluten free beef jerky ($5/ea)
plums ($5?)
1.5lbs strawberries ($7)

More links:

Produce Junction, What’s Your Function? – this chain of stores offer great prices on fresh produce. Another chain that just opened up is Bottom Dollar which I now frequent. Bottom Dollar does not pre-package food in certain quantities as Produce Junction does.  If you have access to a farmer’s market, that’s an even better choice!
How to Read Past Fancy Labels – Get past the marketing and find out what is real food
On the Road with Chris P. – going on a business trip or just need something quick to eat? 
Save Money – Buy More Meat! – go in with a group of people to buy a cow (members of CrossFit KoP recently did this)
The Chris P. Chronicles – pictures of my refrigerator and cabinets of food. This is from over a year ago and it’s interesting to see the evolution of our food. For instance, we no longer have dairy (cream, cheese, milk, etc) because of unfavorable reactions such as acne, rashes, upset stomach, etc.

You’ve Got a Fat Face



If you follow a regular American diet, or even are pretty strict with the food pyramid, chances are that you have a fat face. I don’t mean to be mean, but if you are eating a standard american diet (SAD), then it’s very likely you have some inflammation going on and one of the ways it rears its ugly head is, well, on YOUR head. It’s not something you probably are aware of. To you, you have a normal face. But take out the sugar, grains, and dairy from your diet and add in fish oil and you’ll notice a magical thing happen. Your fat face gets lean. So does the rest of your body. Look at me above. In 2003, I wasn’t fat, I was actually about the same weight as now (150#), but it looks like I just got stung by a thousand bees. Luckily, I found the antidote. (and a haircut)



caleb and me-1


Eating real food and doing 3-5 days of strength and high intensity training aka CrossFit. But like we say, how you look is 20% what you do in the gym and 80% what you do out of the gym in terms of nutrition and sleep.

In general, humans have way too much omega 6 fatty acid going on. Some is good (think: healing a wound), but a lot is not (think standard american diet). It is too much omega 6 that contributes to inflammation which leads to not only looking puffy on the outside, but also on the inside. Ever hear of “silent inflammation?” Now you have. Silent inflammation is the stuff that can lead to everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer’s. In order to prevent these, we want to keep those omega 3s high and omega 6s low, just like our ancestors. How? By eating real foods. Not sure where to start? First, clean out your kitchen. Then, get back to the basics when it comes to food, sleep, and other habits. Add in some fish oil. Get some real exercise. Then look back and laugh at how bloated your face looks. I guarantee you’ll never go back to old habits once you see the difference.

Have you already cleaned up your nutrition and gotten away from a fat face? Or inflamed body? How did you do it? Share before/after photos!