What Makes a Good CrossFit Coach?


What makes a good CrossFit coach? Is it personality? Good looking – big biceps, trim waist? Coaching skills? Being able to run a class? Should they be able to demonstrate the CrossFit movements? People skills? Other things I haven’t mentioned?

 I have my ideas, but I’d like to hear from you first. Sound off in comments!


6 thoughts on “What Makes a Good CrossFit Coach?

  1. People skills is definitely a great asset. As someone who has low to mediocre people skills, it definitely changes how I approach coaching. Being able to display knowledge also helps your athlete feel at ease about being able to trust you as a coach.

  2. Being able to run a class smoothly and efficiently.2. Being able to recommend appropriate scales and weights for individuals.3. Knowing the kind of push and encouragement that each individual responds to.

  3. There are a lot of factors that go into being a great Crossfit coach. Enthusiasm is key. If you are enthusiastic during class, it will reflect in the people you are coaching and make them love what they are doing, regardless of how badly it sucks. Creating a positive and encouraging environment is huge. Knowledge of the movements and the appropriate scales helps build the coach/athlete trust level. And of course, people skills.

  4. I second the encouragement aspect of things. Not all of us are competitive or want to be, so it is good to have a coach that not only understands that, but also wants to see us to do our best. I love the kind of coaches that show interest in you even if you are not a fire breather. I have a lot on my plate right now, and crossfit is an hour where I can do something that makes me feel good without having to think a lot. A coach that can support that but is also interested in helping me improve, is always one I will enjoy working with. I also like the kind of coach that can see when you are struggling and somehow make you feel like you are not. I should also add that the person asking this question already excels in all of the aspects I find makes a good crossfit coach. ;]

  5. I wonder if that difference in coaching has changed your personal life too in terms of people skills and interactions…

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