Women’s Strength Program

Over the last few months I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing a strength/power program for our KoP athletes. Although we have barbell strength classes, having a more structured group would be both fun and productive to keep our members accountable. It was suggested to me by more than a few people to do a women’s only strength class. It makes sense. There are plenty of women in our gym who can move relatively well, but might not have the right focus or knowledge when it comes to a strength program. And so Next Level Strength was born. 

The name needs work. I know. Maybe the group of 10 women that were chosen can help me come up with a better name. I had interest from well over that number, but in wanting to keep it small, I had to actually deny people from this. Crazy. This program will encompass everything from getting stronger, to getting quicker, to leaning out. Sounds pretty good right?

If you are interested in what the program will entail, head over to this link. If you’re just interested in knowing who will participate in the program, read below.

Final Group

(alphabetical by last name)

Roni A.

Jess C.

Denise C.


Stasie F.

Sarah J.

Kate K.


Joy N.


Jen S.

You all will be receiving an email from me explaining details and payment. For now, sit tight, get excited, and get ready to get STRONG!


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