What I Do Every New Year

I rarely make resolutions. Instead, every new year for the past four or so years, I’ve read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Originally written back in 1936, the advice and stories about working with people still hold true to this day. 

I read this every year because I believe at the core of everything, whether it’s a business deal, or relationship, or just LIFE, there is one common thread: human interactions.

As some Amazon reviewers have noted, this book was originally written from a salesperson’s perspective. And “winning friends” does sound superficial, but the messages are, in my opinion, still important for anyone, despite your job. Remembering people’s names and birthdays; having an open mind instead of assuming things; getting people to take ownership of their work instead of yelling and berating; these are definitely tips that any boss or salesperson could benefit from, but so could your normal everyday Joe.  

If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend that you do. You don’t have to read it every year like I do, but you might find one of the many tips useful in your work and personal relationships. 

Hardcover edition

Kindle edition


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