Junk Food in the Workplace, Restaurant, etc.

At our most recent Bar Belles class, a discussion came up about snacks at work (yummy cookies leftover from holidays), or eating at a restaurant (I just LOVE cheesecake), or at a friend’s house (but they’re cheese dip is so good!).

I could tell you strategies like getting a burger at a restaurant and taking the bun off, or bringing prepared snacks to the office, or telling co-workers you’re allergic to gluten (not lying, technically!) etc. but I wonder what strategies you guys and girls have used or have found effective in staying on point. Or do you not, and you are able to control what is in your house, but you’re ok with the stuff outside of the house? If you have a cheat meal or day, what do you eat?

Sound off in comments so you can help my Bar Belles!


4 thoughts on “Junk Food in the Workplace, Restaurant, etc.

  1. At work is easy. I’m the "good" one so I try to set an example by not eating all the cookies and cakes and such at work. If i’m good throughout the week, I’ll allow myself a bad meal or two with friends. I TRY not to go wild and stick it throughout the week.

  2. so your reputation as the "good" one forces you to act good. For those cheat meals, what are you eating?

  3. P-I always try to keep some healthy snack options around my desk (almonds, apples etc) so I at least have a choice between not so healthy work snacks and something better for me. That way I have an option between eating healthy or not. Thats a much easier choice to make versus going hungry or eating junk food. I also have a good idea of when I get hungry through out the day (around 10am and 4pm) so I know that I need to eat something around those times which makes its much easier to avoid the massive plate of cookies.

    I do have some sub-optimal meals through out the week, mostly on weekends when I’ll go out to restaurants. That would usually mean something involving bread – pasta, an entire baguette, hoagies, pizza. I never really think of them as "cheat meals" though, that makes it sound like I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing. I view those meals more along the lines of something I shouldnt be doing everyday.-SB

  4. For the snacks at work, I’d just try to be prepared. Two stories here: Story 1 – During the zone challenge at the gym, I’d just bring an extra 1 block snack for the day. If I didn’t eat it, then I’d just leave it at work for the next day. Story 2: Early on during our Whole30, where we were much more restricted, Lindsey and I went to the gym, showered, had a small snack, and then went to a Harry Potter movie. Terrible decision! We weren’t limited on quantity, just what we could eat. We were STARVING throughout the movie, and then to top it off, we had planned to go grocery shopping after!! Let’s just say that we were a little hangry… If we had just taken a moment to think about it, we would have brought some extra nuts/fruit to the movie and avoided the situtation all together.

    For the cheat meals… These are my favorite! I did the zone challenge at the gym around Labor Day. I stuck to it very well, and for the cheat meals, I binged. I would plan ahead and stop and get extra desserts just because I could. My meals would all include some sort of awesome main course, plus chips, ice cream, sometimes beer. One time, Lindsey even scolded me saying "I don’t think a meals supposed to last 3 hours." I argued that it did if I was eating the whole time! Even with these 3x per week binges, I did better on the baseline WOD and lost 5% body fat and almost 10 pounds…

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