CrossFit Open: Three New Rules

The 2013 CrossFit Games rulebook came out and since the majority of you are busy enough as it is, here are three changes that stuck out to me. 

1. Five rep rule

If you are videotaping yourself and there are five “no reps,” the entire workout will be disqualified. Last year, there was a lot of squabble over videos and what the actual reps were. There’s no mercy when you submit a video since the whole world can see it and this five rep rule will hopefully prevent any discrepancy. Of course, now there will be squabbling over questionable reps 1-4….

This means that if you’re submitting a video, you should do it as SOON as you can. If it turns out that the vid was disqualified, you might have time to do it over. But really, you should do a few reps of each movement for the camera, take a look (and have someone else take a look) and then film the workout.

Sidenote: I wonder what would happen if every affiliate filmed their workouts all of the time. I bet a lot of times would be slower and reps for AMRAP would be lower….form would be scrutinized so much that hopefully people would actually make it their priority!

2. Judging course

If an affiliate is going to host the CrossFit Open, they must have at least one “certified” judge on hand. Presumably acting as a head judge a la Boz, this person or persons must complete a course through CrossFit HQ. That actual course hasn’t yet been disclosed, but I imagine it will be an online course and test. I’m thinking it will include videos where you view an athlete and then get quizzed on whether it was a legit rep or performance. Note that not ALL judges at your affiliate need to do this course, only at least one that will be present during each workout.

3. Inviting more Regional competitors

The biggest change (to me) is the ability for HQ to invite more competitors to the Regional level if there are too few who accepted the original invitation. Only the top 48 women and 48 men from the Open will be invited to each Regional Individual competition. (30 teams are invited) The individuals have exactly one week to declare their intent after the week of the last Open workout. However, more than a few will certainly go to the Team competition in order to help their team hopefully make it to the Games. Last year, no one besides the top competitors were invited, however, this year the rule states:

“If a significant amount of invited Athletes choose not to compete as Individuals, CrossFit may (at its sole discretion) invite additional Athletes in order of their Open finish.”

This means that if 20 of the top 48 go team, HQ may invite #49-#68 to Regionals. This is huge since #68 might not realize she/he could qualify and then will be invited. And let’s say that #68 is invited, but doesn’t want to compete as an individual. Well, then they keep moving down the line. So if you’re anywhere near the top 100 then you will need to keep on tabs on any announcement for a possible invitation. 

There are several other changes or modifications, but these three are the biggest in my mind, especially the extra athlete invitations. I’m willing to bet we see a few dark horses who may not place that well in the Open (49th or more) who do outstanding at Regionals. We’ll just have to see. For more on the Games and Open, click the picture below to head to the Games site.


Addendum: #4 – a new Masters division for 40-44 year olds. Rumor has it that Greg Glassman was against ANY age divisions, so I was surprised when this one came out. For sure we will see some crazy performances in this category that will rival the open age numbers.


3 thoughts on “CrossFit Open: Three New Rules

  1. "I wonder what would happen if every affiliate filmed their workouts all of the time."

    I like this idea, and wouldn’t be surprised if it became a trend in the next few years, now that mobile devices are making it so easy and popular to track data about personal life and fitness. Has anyone came up with an app yet that records video of movements and can measure whether an athlete completed the full movement? Or did the full movement but with poor form, and then give advice for how to correct it?

  2. shoeless, there is "coaches eye" which videotapes the athlete and then can play it back in slow mo….to my knowledge there isn’t a sophisticated-enough app that will handle what you’re talking about. But if you know programmers who want to work with us, I’m all in!

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