5 Year CrossFit Anniversary

January 31, 2013 – I did my first CrossFit workout exactly 5 years ago. I was in grad school and had heard about CrossFit from my now father-in-law. Coincidentally I also had watched the movie “300” and a documentary on how they got fit through Mark Twight’s training influenced by CrossFit. As many people do, I looked at CrossFit.com and other websites/videos for well over a month before actually trying it myself. This was the workout posted on mainsite for January 31, 2008:


Since I was working out alone, I had to scale for myself, but I had no idea how to do it. Luckily, there is a forum called Brand X (the folks who started CF Kids)  that still runs to this day for people of different abilities to scale. Here is my first post:

If you can’t read that, here it is:

“1st timer

First time ever doing crossfit, trying to get in a good workout routine. Never liked doing big lifting but after feeling my lower back during dead lifts, can see the value in them.

95# dead 10 reps
feet on 3’ box HSPU 10 reps
strict pullups 5 reps x 2 sets
65# thrusters 10 reps (1st set, then dropped to 45# for last 2 sets)


Does anyone work running into the WOD?”


Looking back, I laugh at myself for my comments and naïveté. I had played soccer in HS and intramurals in college, but didn’t stick to any lifting program for long; I got too bored! With CrossFit, I kept to it, albeit with a slow start since I had to teach myself how to snatch, clean and jerk, do bar muscle ups (no rings in the school gym), etc.  After a year and a half of WODding solo (wodding is a word, right?), Ditty and I joined CF King of Prussia where we found awesome community and the right kind of peer pressure to excel.

Over the previous five years, I documented most of my workouts and numbers and reached peaks and valleys for all. At most I weighed 158, but stayed around 150-152. In my first weeks, I remember: 

  • 95# deadlifts feeling pretty awkward and got heavy quickly
  • I also wrote “new to back squats: 95/135/155/185 need to work on form” (was definitely not at or below parallel)
  • My push jerk? 105#
  • Filthy Fifty I scaled to 35’s and scaled a lot of the movements

In the years since, I have hit these peak numbers:

  • Deadlift – 465#
  • Backsquat – 345#
  • Front Squat – 295#
  • Press – 165#
  • Bench Press – 225#
  • Clean and Jerk – 225#
  • Snatch – 165#
  • Weighted muscle up – 35#
  • Weighted ring dip – 92#
  • Box Jump – 52″
  • Double unders – 226#
  • Filthy Fifty – 23:10
  • Grace – 3:30
  • Murph 39:51
  • 5k run – 19:25
  • Marathon – 3:27:29
  • Certs: CF Level I, USA Weightlifting, CF Kids, CF Football
  • Seminars/Clinics: Robb Wolf, Whole9, Natalie Burgener, EC Synkowski/James Hobart
  • 2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals team competitor

I want to put a HUGE asterisk next to all of these numbers and say that they didn’t come all at once nor do I have most of these numbers now. People will dip and sway depending on what they are focusing on (I have been through mass gain and strength phases, but also marathon training), plus you will not PR every time you lift. I certainly have not. It’s important to stick with things, even if you aren’t progressing like you used to. Imagine all of the professionals out there that would have quit sooner! Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

CrossFit has offered physical, mental, and social opportunities that I would have never thought possible and I hope it has for you. If you aren’t involved, find a box near you and ask about an intro class. If you aren’t near a box, do what I did and look for scaling options and “how to” videos. It won’t replace a real live coach, but it’s definitely cheaper! I’m glad I got into this world of CF five years ago and I’m excited to see where it leads in the next five years. 


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