Clean and Jerk Clinic

Here is a quick pic of the clean and jerk clinic I ran at CF KoP this weekend. I have been running these for over 2.5 years and each time I get better and better feedback to improve the next. I intentionally keep it small because there is a lot of instruction and individual attention during the three hours. I found there is just too much information to convey in a normal CrossFit class, hence the creation of the clinic. (Even three hours is not enough!)


One of the points that really shocked people this weekend was the foot setup. Yes, shocked. In CrossFit we tend to teach stepping all the way up to a barbell for things like deadlifts. To keep it simple for beginners learning the clean, we tell them to get setup in a deadlift. But this isn’t actually true for intermediate and advanced lifters because the bar should be over the balls of the feet in a clean setup. Doing this allows the torso to be more upright and in good position to receive the bar in a front squat. Stepping all the way up to the bar might be good for a deadlift to engage the posterior chain as much as possible, but we have different goals in a clean. 


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