CrossFit Reebok Controversy

For some reason, CrossFit’s social media went apesh*t on Reebok yesterday. At first I thought this was a hack, but both CF’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were saying the same thing: Reebok doesn’t own CrossFit. I’m pretty sure we all knew this, but it sounds like Reebok has overstepped their bounds. Or at least CF HQ thinks they did.


On the other hand, Reebok’s social media has remained pretty quiet about this. I’m guessing there are some emergency meetings going on behind closed doors and they probably involve Reebok putting information out there that CrossFit HQ seems to think breaches contract. Here’s a screenshot of CrossFit’s FB page:

CF’s Twitter page had some screen shots of what looked like a blog or website from Reebok suggesting that affiliates were named “Reebok CrossFit ______” and there was a script for customer service regarding membership. 

We’ll still have to see how this plays out. Most reactions from other people on social media seem to be shocked that CrossFit HQ has such immature postings and that this business should be dealt with privately instead of via social media. All I know is that this isn’t the first time less-than-admirable behavior has come out from HQ. Remember the Robb Wolf/Black box ousting or the controversial CrossFit for Hope poster? I really like CrossFit and what it can do for people’s well-being, but the way they handle things can definitely rub people the wrong way.

What are your thoughts?


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