Accepted: Broad Street Run 2013

Well, at the suggestion of a co-worker, I put in for chance to run the Broad Street 10 Miler.  Last year 30,000 people registered in a few hours, so this year they held a lottery. I put my name in on the last possible day, but it didn’t change the chances of getting in. 

I’m not an avid fan of running, so why did I do this? Well, going through shoulder surgery and PT has definitely thrown me off a fitness routine. Although I know I can scale things different ways, it’s mentally tough knowing what I used to be capable of, and not doing those things (e.g. pull ups, muscle ups, clean and jerk, snatch, etc). This race has given me something to focus on and train for. Of course, I won’t be doing any significant running for it, as you may have read “Training for a Race by NOT Running” but it WILL keep me more motivated to squat, deadlift, and sprint. 

I may not hit 68 minutes like I did in 2011, but these past 6 months have been the least I’ve worked out in 6 YEARS, so this race has given me a reason to get my ass in gear.

Are you around Philly and running Broad Street? 

Have you used events like races and competitions to stay focused on training?


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