BarBelles Shirt and Updates

Even though tonight was the beginning of the last week (8) of the BarBelles all-women strength class, I was too pumped for these shirts to keep them til the end. I actually wore one under my sweatshirt and asked them if it was too hot in the room so I could take off the sweatshirt for the reveal. I think they got a good kick out of the surprise!

These ladies have made incredible gains over these eight weeks. Most of them are currently doing multiple sets of five reps with their previous 1RM weights. Some of them have gone from zero strict pull ups to a few. Many are exceeding 30″ box jumps, coming from less than 24″. Pretty incredible when you think about it. I’ll have specific numbers over the coming weeks as they find new PRs.

Before I go, I want to shout out Chris from Galaxy Graphics in Rochester, NY for the shirts. I was cutting it close with the order, but Chris and his crew got them to me in blazing time (after design was finalized, it took two days for them to be shipped. Received them two days later). Even though I have my own T-shirt shop for fun designs, I will definitely go with him anytime I do a bulk order.

Burn our houses, steal our cars, smash our TVs and take the stereo. But leave the barbells because tomorrow we WOD.

— Again Faster

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