CrossFit Jump Rope Storage Hack

How do you store your jump rope? I used to always just throw it in my bag, but then it would get all tangled and knotted in my clothes. Until about a year ago when my life changed for the better.

If you’re a reader of Lifehacker like I am, you know that the binder clip is a jack of all trades. Yes, this little contraption found commonly in offices around the world can act as a wire catch for your desk, money clip, cell phone car mount, and yes, beer organizer. Wait, don’t believe me? Check out 54 Uses for Binder Clips that Will Change Your Life. I would add a 55th use for: jump rope organizer.

P.S. Apologies for the gross handles. You can tell the rope is well-used from the tape I put on it years ago and has since gone from white to various shades of black and brown from my dirty, sweaty hands. 

How do you store your rope? 


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