CrossFit Judges Course and Two Predictions for the Open

So two days before the first workout of the 2013 Open season is announced, I finally took the CrossFit Judges Course. This course is required by any affiliate owner (which I am not) and anyone that wants to judge at the Regionals level (which I do not). Wait, why did I pay to do this online course? Even though I know there are a few KoP coaches who have already taken it, I paid the $10 so:

  1. I could be a “head judge” presence at KoP if needed and
  2. I was curious what the course entailed

I had heard it was tough, and although it wasn’t hard, there wasn’t easy either. For 90% of the movements and quiz questions, I knew what they were and quickly answered them. However, for 10% of the 5 sections (squats, pressing, pulling, hanging, and “other” scenarios), I was stuck. There were a few ambiguous questions and if you got even one wrong, you had to start over with that section’s quiz. The last section was particularly gnarly in that you had to count reps for several workouts (about a minute long each) and if you were off by even 1 rep, again, you had to start over.

Despite the frustrating process, I finally got through and got my certificate. I probably won’t need it, but it’s probably good to have. 

Two things that were taught and tested on were things that I’ve said in the past would show up in the Open: running and bar muscle ups. Neither of these are definites, but it was interesting that they were in the judging materials. 

Bar muscle ups is conceivable. It was in the Games last year and has been in a number of mainsite workouts. Here is Carl Paoli, gymnastics guru of San Francisco CrossFit and showing us now it’s done.

The second thing I have always wanted to see was some kind of run in the Open. Logistically a row wouldn’t work since not everyone can afford a $1,000 C2 Rower. But even a run is tough because longer distances cannot be filmed easily for those workout out at home, and even medium distances have variations like hills, documentation, etc. Last year I thought a shuttle run would come up, but it didn’t. This year, I think it will. One of the judges sections had us look at someone doing a shuttle run where the athlete ran from cone to cone 10 yards apart. He had to touch part of his hand on the other side of the cone at either end. This is conceivable on both a standards point of view as well as documentation point of view. It still isn’t a true test of aerobic exercise (like a 5 mile run would be), but it hopefully would appeal to the lighter, faster guys (and maybe those with really long legs) 

If they do show up, the run would be first in that particular workout since anyone can move 30 yards back and forth. However, in the spirit of the Open being accessible to everyone for every workout, the bar muscle up would show up later on in the workout, similar to last year’s wall balls/double unders/muscle ups workout. 

Like I said, the bar muscle up and running are not definites for the 2013 CrossFit Open, but I would put money on at least one of them showing up. And if I had more money, I would put that money on both showing up. 

What movements do you think will come up in the 2013 CrossFit Open?


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