7 Tips for CrossFit Open Workout 13.4

If you are looking to do the CrossFit Open workout 13.4, here are seven tips that you might want to consider:

1. Hook grip – use it! it will save your forearms a little, which is a big deal because this workout is a ton of grip. 


2. Shorten the radius – On toes to bar, bring your knees up to your chest kind of like a knees to elbow, then flick your feet up to touch the bar. Google Annie Thorisdottir doing toes to bar, she puts on a clinic. By doing this, you shorten the lever of your legs (radius), thus making you more efficient. 


3. Use the stretch reflex – Assuming 135 or 95 is not close to your max, immediately push the bar up into the jerk after receiving it in a power clean (seen above). Watch the Games video of Speal doing this workout and you’ll see what I mean. However, if 135/95 is close to your one rep max, then receive the bar in a power or squat clean, stand all the way up, deep breath, and split or push jerk.

4. Speaking of jerk, do it! Graham Holmberg did not, he push pressed/shoulder pressed and I think it was detrimental over time. Seven minutes is short, but it’s long for this couplet. You’ll want to use as much technique as possible to save your shoulders.

5. Avoid singles – this goes for the C+J and toes to bar. If you are capable, do multiple reps at a time. Every time you rest between reps, you will consume 5-20 seconds. It doesn’t seem like a long time when you’re in the moment, but if you’ve ever watched yourself workout on video, you know how ridiculously long the rest looks. Doing multiple reps can cut your rest in half. The exception is if you can’t get a rhythm on the toes to bar. I see a lot of beginners swinging two or three times to get going, but that will further destroy your grip. Drop down to reset, then jump up and do a quick t2b. 


6. Calm down – Don’t go crazy out of the gate. This is not Grace. Walk from bar to bar. Keep yourself calm; if there is a place to take a breath, it’s before starting a new movement so that you can focus on #5. 

7. Double tie and double clip – With this workout, every second counts. You want to avoid anything extraneous that will take your time away. This includes finding out your shoe is untied in the middle of the workout and clips coming off bars. This workout includes a lot of dropping the bar from 7-9ft. so even the Rogue HG clips will come undone (Ditty and LP just did this workout and the Rogue clips came undone). If you feel like your score is going to be competitive, then double clip. 

Here are 13.4 prep tips from K-Star, Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, and BMack

What other tips do you have for 13.4?


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