PaleoFX 2013 – Day 1

Today kicked off PaleoFX: an ancestral health symposium held in Austin, TX at the Palmer Center. Over the next three days we will hear talks about everything from paleo eating, recommended blood work, primal movement, and way more related to health and fitness. Here are some of the highlights and pictures from the day. 


  • We arrived early, so we got to walk around to different paleo vendors promoting anything from olive oil, to grass fed beef, to kombucha. Gotta love free samples!
  • Michelle and Keith Norris are the head organizers for the weekend, so they did a quick welcome.
  • Nora Gedgaudas  – spoke about stress and the adrenals. Most people fling around the phrase “adrenal fatigue” but really there is usually a lot more than the adrenals being affected
  • Dr. Cate Shanahan – works with the LA Lakers with their nutrition and debunked the myth that endurance athletes need to “carbo load.” This wasn’t too much of a surprise to this crowd, but still good to understand more of the mechanisms with fat burning vs. carb burning.
  • Dr. Terry Wahls – talked about her battle with MS and how she basically reversed it using a real foods diet, focusing on the nutrients and minerals she needed to overcome it. Important: just doing a paleo diet wasn’t enough, she needed to dial it in specific to her needs
  • Dr. Emily Deans and Jacob Egbert – spoke about the psychology of change and how as a practitioner of health, you can’t force someone to change; they need to want to. “The key to change is the belief that you CAN.”
  • Sarah Fragoso – spoke about taking care of YOU first, in order to take care of your family or other people that rely on you. Lots of parents could identify with her message. 
  • Dr. Lauren Noel – went over a number of tests she does with her patients to see what might be missing in their diet. Some interesting physical tests of deficiencies included: white spots on fingernails could indicate mineral deficiencies; clogged ears could be lack of essential fatty acids; and dry flaky skin could indicate hypothyroidism.
  • Robb Wolf – elaborated on his “City Zero” project in helping people get better. Specifically, he has been working with the Reno Police and identifying at-risk cops for cardiovascular disease and then treating them with a food based plan and occasional drugs. “Most things can be fixed with food, exercise, sleep, and community. Sometimes medicine comes into play too, but take care of these things first.”


Overall, it was geeky stuff, but when it’s related to health, it matters to everyone. I’m excited to get more in depth with these and other speakers over the next two days. Be on the lookout for a report back!


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