“Can’t” vs. “Don’t Want To”

I am on a week-long tour of 11 different colleges for my day job, hence the lack of posting. But while at one of the colleges for lunch, the topic of me avoiding gluten (despite not being “celiac) came up. One girl said that she could never do that. I didn’t pick a fight, but I did say, “Well, it’s probably not that you ‘can’t’ do it, it’s that you ‘don’t want to’ do it.”


The difference is in the desire for something and the power of choice. If you desire the piece of bread more than the desire to lean out or prevent disease, then you’re going to CHOOSE to eat it. It all starts with your wishes, goals, and desires. The girl in between us was lactose intolerant, so she found a way to eat day to day without dairy. Some people might have said, “I ‘can’t’ live without milk,” but what they really mean is “I WANT to drink milk.” 

I remember hearing about the Paleo diet and thought people were weird and crazy for not eating pasta and bread. But as I dove into it, the “weird” became “normal” and “crazy” became “typical.” So it became easier to WANT to eat meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds vs. bread, pasta, bagels, etc. 

Have you experienced this CAN’T vs. DON’T WANT TO dilemma?


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