BarBelles II – 8 Weeks of Strong Women

Unfortunately work is still busy…I’m sure if you look at my frequency of posts, you’ll see it drop off in fall and now and then pick up over summer vacation.

I did want to report that the second version of BarBelles has begun! This all women’s strength class is designed to take your average female CrossFitter and turn her into a stronger, faster, more explosive athlete. The first cohort went through and saw huge gains (of which I STILL need to do a more thorough report), so I am excited to see this new group go through. I have 9 ladies (possibly one more) ranging from early 30s to late 40s all looking to improve their CrossFit game by getting stronger. We will be focusing on the big lifts, box jumps, sprints and keep workouts short (less than 12 minutes). In eight weeks we will test the lifts and see what the improvements were. 


If you want more information on the program, just click “BarBelles” on the upper right hand corner to read more.


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