10 Miles? No Sweat

While coaching the strength class tonight, there were a number of people there, including myself, talking about the upcoming Broad Street 10 Miler in Philadelphia. A good number of people from the box, including myself, are running it (at least 10 by the count we did tonight), but the conversation about training was interesting. Or, at least it would be very different from a non-CrossFitter’s perspective. Not one of us there was doing any sort of serious training for Broad Street. 

I know what you’re saying, we are “natural runners” who run 10k’s and 10 milers all the time. Actually, we are the opposite. Many of us prefer strength training and don’t like running more than 400m at a time. Now, we aren’t delusional and think we’re going to set any records, but no one is doing any training specific for Broad Street, nor are they worried about completing the 10 miles. 

It seems the training from CrossFit has afforded a healthy confidence in people to not worry about a race that thousands worry about even after logging mile after mile of training. How could that be? Well, I think mentally if you have faced the likes of “Fran,” “Grace,” and any of the hero workouts in CrossFit, then you are mentally strong enough to put one foot in front of another for 10 miles. Things from CrossFit get put into perspective that can also apply to life. Tough boss? Might not be as bad as “Murph.” Painful Powerpoint presentation? Not as painful as that nasty couplet yesterday. 

I’m not belittling people who do traditional running programs. Heck, that’s what I used to do my first real race. But isn’t it a luxury to NOT use many hours per week just for race training? (This concept is the foundation for CrossFit Endurance.) There are only so many hours in a day and if we can use them efficiently and effectively to help in many different areas, then I call that a success. 

Good luck to everyone running Broad Street, I’ll see you there!

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