BarBelles – Calories as Fuel

I am in the middle of my Broad Street Run recap, but need a little more time on it. For now, I just wanted to relay a discussion I had with the BarBelles tonight.


One of them commented on the fact that even though she’s eating a LOT more, her clothes are looser, she’s getting compliments from her coworkers, and when she stepped on the scale, she lost 3 pounds. Wait, so strength training doesn’t make women big and bulky?? You don’t say…. While I don’t care for the scale that much, I’m not surprised at what’s going on. And neither were the other ladies. All of them were talking about being hungrier than usual and eating everything in sight!

Strength training, while not giving that “runners high” after a 30 minute metcon, does work large muscle groups that crave energy. You might know them as calories. Here is what I wrote to the group:

Calories matter. But in a good way. You need to think of food as fuel and considering the fact that you are doing a great deal of strength work which utilizes big muscle groups, your engines are running at full steam even though you don’t realize it. Fuel that engine. Eat based on how you feel, not based on what you think society or an app tells you. For purposes of this program, I would rather you eat too much and feel satisfied rather than feel hungry. Trust me, it is very hard to eat too much to the point of detriment unless the quality is crappy. Keep the quality of food high, avoid gluten, and all will be well.

like MyFitnessPal as an app and website to easily total up macros and nutrients, but it is insane how it expects people to eat the same exact amount of calories per day (especially for women: a measly 1200-1600 calories!) I am here to tell you that everybody is different because every BODY is different. And so are your activities.

My ladies who are working large muscle groups and sprinting are going to eat very differently than a 300lb. male who works at a desk and sits on a couch at home. One of the girls from the last cohort was eating upwards of 2600 calories per day and is extremely lean. Of course genetics has a part in all of this, but we cannot discount what our bodies are telling us. I consistently see people (men AND women) who squat, deadlift, press, sprint, etc. need to eat more. 


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