CrossFit Regional: Rules Clarification and Comparison Videos

This first video has made the rounds today, so I’m curious as to what you think. To see some context, check out the other videos of Ryan Fischer actually performing the “no reps” and then another video of Austin Malleolo doing the same workout in a different Regional competition.

Dave Castro reprimands Ryan Fischer at 2013 SoCal Regionals:

Ryan Fischer “no reps” at 2013 SoCal Regionals:

Austin Malleolo performs WOD 5 at Northeast Regionals:

Having been a judge at the Regional level, I can attest to the fact that it is a hard and unforgiving job. Looking at Ryan’s reps (regardless of Austin’s video) I thought they were good reps. HOWEVER, I can see where the judge is coming from since it’s such a thin line between what a bounce is and what it is not. The fact is that the judge made a call. Saying you’re going to bleeping kill someone is a pretty serious thing to say in my book. I can understand that Fischer is competitive and wants to win. I could even understand if he put up an argument. But to say what he did takes it to a whole new level. Security should have gotten involved and he should have been tossed. Anyone in any other sport that says that to a ref gets a red card, suspension, and probably fined.  This reminded me of Ronnie Teasdale’s behavior at the OC Throwdown:

Castro on the other hand should have handled this behind closed doors. I don’t think it was professional nor necessary to call him out in front of other people, let alone make it a feature video on the CrossFit Games website. You want to send a message to the other competitors and future Regionals? Fine, kick him out and explain why. Release a press statement. But don’t resort to embarrassing him in front of his peers. Plus assigning him one judge who JUST so happens to be an MMA/UFC fighter…Trying to send a message much?



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