Shoulder and Training Updates

Having been busy with work, here are some updates on what’s going on with my shoulder and training. 

Shoulder Update

This past month I’ve seen a lot of progress
with my shoulder. Prior to that, I had been able to do chin ups (palms facing
towards me), but I recently have been able to do pronated pull ups with hands
facing away. I find that I need to be very active at the bottom otherwise I
will feel pain. I also did my first overhead workout, which included 55 push
presses with 115# and the same amount of ring dips. The workout was prescribed
for 135#, but I didn’t want to play hero and push myself further than I should
have. It went well, but I felt some limited end range of motion at the top. No
pain though, which I was happy about. Last week I got my copy of Becoming a Supple Leopard along with mobility floss, so I will pick through that and figure out appropriate shoulder mobility exercises. 



Mass and Strength Gains

I’m not one to have a very specific training
plan unless I’m following CFF or Outlaw. A year ago, I was following Outlaw
pretty religiously, but their high volume of snatching and overhead squats
makes me nervous for my shoulder right now. Thinking about my goals, I figured
this is a good opportunity to focus on strength and size. At 5’7” and 150 lbs.
I can afford to put on some mass and increase my strength and power.

For the past few weeks, I have been
consciously increasing my caloric intake with both paleo and non-paleo foods.
In general I will just try to eat MORE of whatever meal I am having, but I also
will add ice cream or smoothies in the mix. Typically I will also add a big
sweet potato or chocolate milk as my post WOD recovery. For the sweet potato I
usually just pop it in the microwave at the box for 8 minutes and by the time
my workout is done, I’m eating it sans skin. So far so good. As of a week ago, I am around 160, but I didn’t weigh myself immediately before the mass gain start, so it’s anywhere from 5-10lbs. gained.





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Training-wise, I am changing things up to fit
my mass gain protocol. Hypertrophy is the name of the game, so yes, I am doing
some bodybuilding lifting mixed with CrossFit. Here is what my loose routine
looks like (days can switch, so I’ll just call them Day 1…)

Day 1

1×20 back squat (still using safety bar
because of shoulder mobility)

Overhead pressing (shoulder press and/or push

chin up/pull up work

Day 2

Bench (pyramid style with increasing
weight/decreasing reps and then a drop set)

Barbell curls (yes, CURLS. Once my shoulder
feels up to it, rope climbs would be a good option too)

Cash out of prowler pushes (355#ish) and
something else (GHDs, weighted pull ups, etc)

Days 3 and 4 can be a mix of anything from:

1×5 Deadlift

Power or squat cleans


High box jumps/seated box jumps

Reverse hyper

Heavy kettlebell

Lately due to work schedule and social life
I’ve been training Tues/Wed/Thurs and then either Monday or a weekend day. As
you all should know, rest is important not only for things like fat loss, but
also mass gains. It doesn’t sound intuitive, but sleeping helps manage
cortisol, which helps those looking to lose fat, but it also helps recovery for
muscle gains. Sleep really is a magic pill.  

So those are my updates so far. We are going to
Tanzania and trekking Kilimanjaro in August, so I will probably do this
mass/strength gaining until July and then back off to do some endurance work to
prepare for the 7 day trek. If you have any questions about mass gaining or
strength protocols, just hit up the comments. 



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