Post Workout Sweet Potato

One of my favorite post workout snacks is a simple sweet potato. When I get to the gym I pop it in the microwave for 8 minutes and by the time I’m finished working out, it has cooled down and ready to eat.  


As you know from my ancient blog post “Post Workout Nutrition,” you know that your body is looking refill its muscle glycogen after a tough workout. Since I am not looking to lose fat, a post workout snack/meal makes sense. In fact, since I’m trying to gain some mass, I also include 24 oz. of whole milk, SFH whey protein, some BCAAs, and creatine monohydrate. 

A medium size sweet potato (5″) has about 25g carbohydrates and less fructose than fruit. This makes it a better choice than fruit because fructose gets shuttled to the liver to get processed before heading to your hungry muscles. I would not say fruit is a terrible post workout choice, but for me it is not the best. 

I definitely get some looks whilst peeling my sweet potato, even from fellow CrossFitters, but when it comes to my post workout nutrition, simple is best. If you are looking for a tastier option, my earlier post workout post (see what I did there?) details a recipe for sweet potato mash with apple sauce and protein powder. 

Remember, there are two groups that typically do not need a post workout refill of glycogen: if you are solely strength training then you are staying in the CP phase and if you are looking to lose fat mass, your body can use its own resources (fat) for fuel. 

Do you have a post workout nutrition routine? If so, what is it?


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