BarBelles Testimony: Gina

I am still gathering data from the second group of BarBelles, but I wanted to share Gina’s testimony and emphasize some conventional thoughts that many (women) have. But first, her numbers! (check out those pull ups!)

To go from zero to eight kipping pull ups in eight weeks is incredible! It goes to show that Gina worked on her progressions and her upper body strength showed it. Amazing work. And now for her testimony. The bold is mine, since I think a lot of women think similarly and should know that the truth of strength training is very different than conventional wisdom: 

“Before Barbelles, I would have never thought to come to a strength class, EVER.  I thought metcons was the way to go and I would become stronger naturally.  Well this was not the case.  I joined Barbelles because I was plateauing.  The first thing I had to get used to was coming in the afternoons since I am a 6 am’er.  It was definitely a change but I adapted easier than I initially expected.  I also quickly learned how important rest was, which I would beat myself up over before if I missed a WOD.  Next thing I learned which was my favorite thing, eating more!!!!  Since I was now doing strength classes my hunger levels reached a new level and I had no problem supplementing my body with more food :).  Lastly, and certainly not least, I met a group of females, and even though most of us had different goals for ourselves, we were all there for the same reason. And week after week we continued to learn more and more about each other and helped push each other through the hard times.  Each one of us completely different then the next, but we went through something together that created a friendship.  

I really enjoyed our weekly meetings, going over our successes and also even our failures (which acutally was more important!).  Over the 8 weeks, one thing I had to get used to was the number on the scale.  As someone who has struggled with their weight growing up, it was hard to see that number go up, however, my clothes have never fit better, so it was GOOD weight.  

I improved on every thing, and feel proud of all my accomplishments, but the biggest accomplishments to me was my box jump, kipping pull-ups!!!!, and clean and jerk (which I was stuck at for months!!).  

I learned a lot about myself, through trial and error, and gained a new perspective about strength.  It will definitely be a part of my workout routine from now on.

Thank you Chris, for all of you hard work and help, I would recommend this program for every one.  It takes a lot of dedication, but the end results are so worth it!”

Do women avoid strength? Why or why not? (Men should feel free to give your thoughts too)


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