Shoulder Update: L-Muscle Ups

This past Sunday was exactly one year since I had dislocated my shoulder doing a stupid movement at the CrossFit ACT Garage Games. (surgery was five months later after PT and rehab efforts) The past two months have shown a good deal of progress:  benching, ring dips, pull ups from a dead hang, handstand push ups, pressing overhead….I even did handstand push ups last week for the first time in over a year. Things have been feeling pretty good, but still no snatching or heavy jerks overhead. 

Yesterday I was coaching strength class and had given some of the athletes a ring dip workout. After they were finished, I was standing at the rings and wondered if I could do a muscle up. The rings were set lower than I would normally have for muscle ups, but that was fine since I didn’t want to kip for fear of my shoulder popping out again. I lifted my feet off the ground into an L and did a strict L-muscle up. I was shocked! I suppose I could have tested it earlier, but I never thought about it. After that I did another. And another. Once I got home, I just had to video tape it because I didn’t believe it myself.  


If there is any silver lining to an injury, it’s that it makes you appreciate what you could do prior to the injury. It makes you not take things for granted in hopes that one day you can get back to pre-injury abilities and movement. I still have a ways to go, but I’m pumped that six months ago I couldn’t raise my arm above my head and yesterday I did muscle ups for the first time in awhile.  


CrossFit ACT Garage Games recap

Shoulder Update – Surgery needed

Surgery Details and Pictures



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