Recipe: 1600 Calorie Omelet

For about the last two months I was consciously eating in order to mass gain. At 5’8″ and 150lbs. I could stand to gain some weight for lifting weights and getting stronger. It also has been an experiment with getting more calories in and finding what works for me. After two months I had gotten up to about 169 lbs. and was happy with the results. It included a PR bench press (235#…a victory considering my right shoulder is still a bit unstable), an ok front squat (285#), and decent sumo deadlift (430#). One of my meals at the time was a 1600 calorie omelet and I thought I’d post the recipe in case one of you could use it.

There’s no secret to it: a moderate amount of carbs, a moderate amount of protein, and a lot of fat since fat is dense with calories. Note: I did not eat this many calories for all of my meals. This just happened to be a night that I was particularly hungry and knew I wanted  a big meal. However, if you ARE looking to mass gain, you should be taking in a surplus of calories per day and this is just one way of doing it with quality foods. 


3 slices of bacon

6 large eggs

 ~20 slices of pepperoni

1 cup of coconut milk

1 large sweet potato

1 large onion


1. Heat a pan up with some ghee or coconut oil. Dice the onions and put in the pan to brown a little. Once browning, put in the sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, whip the eggs in with the coconut milk. 

2. In a separate pan, cook your bacon! (don’t yell at me, I only had 3 pieces left in the package, otherwise I would have had more)

3. Once the sweet potatoes have gotten soft, toss in the egg/coconut milk mixture and pepperoni.  Cover with a lid and let it cook until the middle isn’t soft.

4. Enjoy! 

The calories and macros came out like this:

Calories: 1605

Protein 64 grams

Carbs 119 grams

 Fat: 97 grams

If I was Zoning, it would be 9 blocks of protein, 13 blocks of carbs, and 65 blocks of fat (this assumes 1 block of fat is 1.5g since they also assume 1.5g of fat will be in each block of protein. If we don’t assume this, then I had 32 blocks of fat) 

It’s pretty easy to have a big meal as long as you go crazy with the calorically-dense fat. If you’re looking for a little more balance, downgrade the coconut milk and up the eggs. (Since there was a good deal of coconut milk, this omelet was pretty light and fluffy.)  

Since Ditty and I are going to Kilimanjaro next month, I have stopped consciously mass gaining in the hopes of taking off the natural weight vest I have put on over the past two months. However, once I get back, I will most likely be UNDERweight and need to have a few more omelets to get back to a respectable weight. 

What’s the biggest meal you’ve eaten? Any recipes for those looking to mass gain?