Tanzania is an incredible place and I hopefully will have a more detailed post about summiting Kilimanjaro and doing a safari. One of the things that I did miss while away was: squatting! But apparently it didn’t miss me because when I got back, I was WEAK. I had been following Outlaw Way’s programming delayed by about a month, so I was in the middle of a Smolov squat cycle when we left.  

Getting back, I was supposed to do 8×4 at 242.5 lbs. but had to drop to 205 and just get some sets in a few nights ago. Not sure what to do because of being thrown off course, tonight I decided to improvise and reset back to 6×6 at 215 and will eventually work back up to the 8×4. Because of this reset though, I didn’t want to also do the same cash out, so I had to improvise again. I decided to modify an older workout that I did. My plan was to do 3 L-sit rope climbs (15ft), 8 power cleans at 135 lbs., 2 L-sit rope climbs, 8 power cleans, 1 L-sit rope climb, and 8 power cleans. Having mass gained the month before our trip and having not climbed a rope for even longer, I did the 3 L-sit climbs but felt that I wasn’t getting back up the rope without 10 minutes of rest or an elevator. So while doing the first set of power cleans, I decided to improvise yet again and finish the power cleans, do 8 L-sit pull ups, then the power cleans, then 8 strict pull ups, then the power cleans. Time was just over 7 minutes for it all. 

Sometimes things don’t go our way, whether it’s with programming, strength gains, or scaling in a workout. You need to be ready to change things on the fly while keeping in mind your priorities. For me, my priorities were:

1. to do a cash out that I haven’t done recently

2. to maintain the pull up stimulus

3. maintain intensity to keep moving in the workout

Have you ever needed to improvise your programming, workouts, or scales?