BarBelles II – Final Data Results

Prologue: As a pseudo-blogger, I hate to admit that I’ve had this post in queue for months! For some reason, I never published it! A thousand apologies to the women of BarBelles II!

BarBelles I was a huge hit and an incredible success. If you don’t recall, I posted the link to their data at the bottom of this post. BarBelles II saw nine women also make drastic increases in strength and speed. How do we know other than subjective testimony? Well, like most things in CrossFit-land, we have data. Below are their numbers pre- and post-BarBelles, an eight week program meant to build strength, speed, and explosiveness.  

For BarBelles I, there were 23 instances of 20%+ increases which I thought was incredible. This time, there are 29 instances, plus several grey areas like pull ups with bands that could fall in that category. I would also like to asterisk two names: Becca’s numbers as some of her “pre” numbers were during pregnancy, a known promoter of strength due to weight gain and hormone profiles. To tie or exceed her pregnancy numbers while not pregnant…well, that’s a CrossFitters dream come true! And Stasie, who had been in BarBelles I, so she had already seen great improvements in strength in the first 8 weeks. 

Here are some pictures from their “PR Party.” 

You can read more about the programming and thought process behind BarBelles in the “BarBelles I Final Data Results” post, I won’t repeat the same information. But I do want to emphasize that strength, power, and explosiveness are not only helpful to get over plateaus, but also a fun way to focus on fitness. These ladies had a lot of fun working out together and were able to focus on something they had’t before: strength. Too many women in the world focus on figure, bodyweight, and leanness, which at some point are out of their control. To focus on strength is something they CAN control and WORK towards over time. In my mind, it’s a worthwhile, healthy pursuit that more women should take up. 

BarBelles I Final Data Results

BarBelles Testimony – Gina


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