52 Rules to Live By – Dithmer Edition

2013-12-25 Christmas in Austin-2202

For Christmas, one of the rules is to make a homemade gift. It can be for anyone and it can be anything, but it must be homemade. This year, my 18-year-old sister-in-law made us one of the coolest homemade gifts. Julia punched holes in a deck of cards and wrote “52 Rules to Live By (Dithmer Edition).” I thought they were so profound that they should be on a BuzzFeed list, but since that might not happen, I decided to blog about it (with Julia’s permission.) So without further ado, here are 52 Rules to Live By (Dithmer Edition):

  1. Think positively
    2013-12-25 Christmas in Austin-2203
  2. You can’t accomplish anything without hard work
  3. DANCE (especially when no one is watching…or at any other time)
  4. It’s okay to miss people
  5. Don’t go to bed angry
  6. Always tell people when you love them
  8. Eat dessert first
  9. Always take a polar bear swim once a year (with a witness present)
  10. HUG. often. six seconds.
  11. Smile, cry and laugh everyday
  12. Call help desk (mom)
  13. Slow down
  14. When in doubt, workout
  15. Be kind!
  16. 10,000 steps a day keeps the doctor away
  17. Never, ever give up on your team!
  18. Be enthusiastic!
  19. Compliment people
  20. Try and remember people’s names
  21. Make good choices
  22. Decide what you believe and stick with it
  23. SING no matter how bad it might sound
  24. Remind people that they are really wonderful
  25. Call your friends on their birthdays
  27. Say please
  28. Say thank you
  29. Reminders help your forgetful parents
  30. Laugh at Dad’s jokes
  31. Herding cats is really hard!
  32. Be ready early
  33. Be yourself
    2013-12-25 Christmas in Austin-2204
  34. Love everybody
  35. Go to the bathroom before we leave
  36. Bring a jacket to the movies
  37. Don’t spread yourself too thin
  38. Cranberry goes well with turkey
  39. Pick a college with a Chick-fil-A
  40. Have friends for all occasions
  41. There’s no point in being jealous of what other people have
  42. Life is hard, but compared to what…?
  43. Celebrate the BIG moments!
  44. Dance on stages (especially at your sister’s wedding)
  45. Enjoy sunsets and sunrises
  46. Drink nice wine
  47. Do what makes you happy!
  48. Not everyone is competitive
  49. Naps will make you feel better. Allergy medicine will too.
    2013-12-25 Christmas in Austin-2205
  50. Travel like Dad. But oh…don’t let mom forget anything
  51. Be motivated by adventure and happiness

Yes, these were thought of and written by an 18-year-old. How cool is that??

What would you add to the list?

2013-12-25 Christmas in Austin-2207


One thought on “52 Rules to Live By – Dithmer Edition

  1. Written by an 18 year old… You sounded surprised! 18 year olds are perfectly capable of producing coherent, independent, intelligent thoughts. So yes, she did a nice job!

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