Constantly Varied’s Nutrition Tip #7 – Preparation is Key

Our box, CrossFit Thermal, is doing a month-long nutrition challenge from July 7-August 7. Members are choosing various levels of engagement, ranging from strict Zone to strict Paleo, to “no grains, no extra sugar.” I will be posting a short nutrition tip to help people stay on point and make clean nutrition a life-long habit instead of just a short term “diet.”

Nutrition Tip #7: Preparation is Key

When you’re in school, at work, on vacation, or just generally on the go, it can be hard to stick to a Zone or Paleo diet. Cafeterias and fast food places are not the ideal sources of real food. Preparation can save you from that bout of hangriness that you probably know so well. Many of us use Sundays to prepare for the week’s worth of food: buying groceries, cooking for the week, and packaging it all up in glassware or tupperware. This is one of the first articles I read back in the days of starting CrossFit and I recommend it to anyone who is new to packing up their food.

Diet Secrets of the Tupperware Man – Greg Amundson

What tips or secrets do you have for preparing for the week?


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