Coach P’s Nutrition Tip #13: Paleo Doesn’t Mean Low Carb Nor High Protein

Our box, CrossFit Thermal, is doing a month-long nutrition challenge from July 7-August 7. Members are choosing various levels of engagement, ranging from strict Zone to strict Paleo, to “no grains, no extra sugar.” I will be posting a short nutrition tip to help people stay on point and make clean nutrition a life-long habit instead of just a short term “diet.”

Nutrition Tip #13: Paleo Doesn’t Mean Low Carb Nor High Protein

Many people hear of Paleo and think it’s low carb because of the exclusion of grains. They also think it’s high protein, most likely because they hear “caveman diet” and think of hunting wooly mammoths. Neither of these ideas define Paleo. Eating paleo is quantity agnostic, so the amount of each macronutrient is up to the user. You could actually be very high carb on Paleo by eating a good deal of squash and sweet potatoes. If you’re in the grey area of using white rice as fuel, then that’s an even more potent source of carbohydrates. Similarly, the amount of protein is up to the individual. Yes, you could be vegetarian and still be Paleo (that may have to be some concessions about thoroughly cooked beans, but there are plenty of resources out there to help with those of you who are vegetarian)

At the end of the day, there is going to be a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, but those ratios are up to you as an individual. Your goals, preferences, and lifestyle will dictate what works best for you.


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