Join Me at Namas Day Philly – April 18th


If you’re in the Philly area, I’ll be a guest speaker on a nutrition panel at Namas Day, a yoga festival on April 18th at the WHYY Building on Independence Mall. The panel will be run by Jennifer Fugo of Gluten Free School and also includes Deanne Caputo and Kristie McCourt. The workshop description is:

Food is a highly personal part of life and some believe that in order to truly live in balance with your yoga practice, you should eat in a particular way. This panel discussion will talk about yoga’s role in nutrition and pragmatically debate how realistic and wise it is for every yoga practitioner to eat one way (such as vegan, raw, gluten-free, paleo or in the modality of Ayurveda). We’ll also discuss how falling outside certain pre-conceived diets may result in a developing sense of shame around food and guilt that a yogi isn’t practicing ahimsa or eating in line with their dosha. Expect a lively conversation with thought-provoking information shared to help you get more in line with food this year. Attendees can also contribute to the conversation with their own experiences and ask questions of the panelists.

So if you’re in the Philadelphia area and interested in yoga and/or nutrition, be sure to check out Namas Day and register for our workshop. If you register by March 9th there is an Early Bird discount! See you there!