high res-2015-02-28-CF Thermal Open WOD 15.1-121318-IMG_9870-2My name is Chris and I’m a Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer (5th person in PA to earn it). I am the owner of CrossFit Kanna in Ambler, PA. I started CrossFit in 2008 after my father-in-law told me about it and I saw how actors got prepped for the movie 300. I spent 1.5 years doing it on my own and teaching myself the movements during grad school. I started this blog soon after starting CrossFit because it was my way of communicating things I find interesting or worth sharing.

The blog is called Constantly Varied after one of the tenants of CrossFit. Just as the workouts change from day to day, so do my interests in health and fitness. One day I might dive into foot positions in a clean while another day I’m researching how insulin affects the body while yet another day I’m looking for the best way to peel garlic. (pretty sure I found that one here: Fastest Way to Peel Garlic)  Basically, I like to be good at everything!


working out with Iceland Annie

As a CrossFit trainer, I encounter many athletes asking the same questions: “What should I eat?” “How should I train?” “What is a clean and jerk?”

Having a blog is a good way to get thoughts down for people to process at their own speed. You’ll notice that many topics here cover CrossFit, nutrition, olympic lifting, and other fitness arenas. By no means do I consider myself an expert, but I do read and listen to many of the actual experts and will share information I feel is important. Some of it will be technical like Weightlifting Lessons from Natalie Burgener, and some of it will be subjective like Chasing the Rx. All of it is meant to help you in fitness, health, or your personal life.

2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals - CrossFit KoP Team

2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals – CrossFit KoP Team

CrossFit Level I Trainer – King of Prussia, PA (1/30/10)
USA Weightlifting Sport Coach – Bridgeville, PA (6/20/10)
CrossFit Kids – King of Prussia, PA (7/22/12)
CrossFit Football – King of Prussia, PA (7/29/12)
Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Coach – Charleston, SC (4/13/14)
CrossFit Level 2 Course – Morrisville, NJ (4/26/15)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer recertification – King of Prussia, PA (5/17/15)
CrossFit Level 3 Trainer – (Certified CrossFit Trainer) (6/23/15)
CrossFit Scaling Course (11/01/16)
CrossFit Judges Course (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Nutrition Seminar by Whole9 (Dallas and Melissa Hartwig) – King of Prussia, PA (2/28/10)
Paleo nutrition seminar by Robb Wolf  – Hoboken, NJ (4/10/10)
Snatch Clinic by EC Synkowski and James Hobart – King of Prussia, PA (4/28/10)
Olympic Lifting clinic by Natalie Burgener – King of Prussia, PA (11/3/12)
Paleo FX – Austin, TX (3/28-3/30/13)
Again Faster Project 1.0 by Jon Gilson – Saddle Brook, NJ (12/13/14)
The Affiliate Solution by Tye Arnett – Deerfield Beach, FL

2009 ING Distance Run – 1:31:37
2010 Hybrid Athletics Winter Challenge (CrossFit Hybrid Athletics)
2010 Philadelphia Marathon – 3:27:27
2011 CrossFit Open
2011 Broad Street Run – 1:07:57
2012 CrossFit Open
2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals (team competitor)
2012 CrossFit ACT Garage Games (CrossFit ACT)
2014 CrossFit Open
2014 CrossFit Generation Summer Slam (CrossFit Generation)
2014 Ghouls and Gals Throwdown (CrossFit Proven)
2015 CrossFit Open
2016 CrossFit Open
2016 Sunburn Classic Lift-Off at CF Unfinished Project – 1st place


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  1. Hi.
    Gee, I’d love toknow how to build a rig like the one on your page, all plumbing… I live in France. Do you know of a site, a link where I might find some tips about the DIY rig ? That woiuld be so nice.
    Many thanks. Great blog !

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