This page is a place for me to keep track of what I’ve read and what I got out of each book. I don’t plan on doing summaries, but will jot down things I took away from it.

The New Gold Standard
by Joseph Michelli
finished 12/2/16

15259320_10101339925315782_8044346095450887792_oAbout Ritz-Carlton and the world class standards it has for customer satisfaction and engagement. Lots of good examples and stories like the valet who replaced the empty blue Gatorade in someone’s car with a new full bottle without being asked. Or how every person that works there is authorized to spend $2000 on a customer to resolve an issue or request. All about quiet observation and trying to predict what the customer will want/need. Probably a little longer than it needed to be but overall a good reminder that there’s always something more you can do for your customers. Anyone in (a service-based) business can get something out of this book, even if it’s just to shift your mindset of what your own standards are. For instance, if you score 94th percentile on Gallup’s CE11 customer engagement survey, most companies would pat themselves on the back. However, Ritz-Carlton puts those properties in the “red” zone. Yellow is 96-97, and green is 98th+.

8/10 – good anecdotes to raise the bar and demonstrate how much training their employees go through. A bit longer than it probably needed to be.