Coach P’s Nutrition Tip #16 – Make Cauliflower Rice

Our box, CrossFit Thermal, is doing a month-long nutrition challenge from July 7-August 7. Members are choosing various levels of engagement, ranging from strict Zone to strict Paleo, to “no grains, no extra sugar.” I will be posting a short nutrition tip to help people stay on point and make clean nutrition a life-longĀ habitĀ instead of just a short term “diet.”

Nutrition Tip #16: Make Cauliflower Rice

White rice is in a grey area for me. It doesn’t contain gluten, but it breaks down to sugar quickly – so theoretically it can be used by highly active people as fuel, but should be avoided by sedentary and/or those looking to lean out. If you’re missing your rice, then here are two ways from NomNom Paleo to use cauliflower as a replacement. Believe me, I hated steamed cauliflower growing up, so I was skeptical of using it as a rice replacement, but there is NO bad cauliflower taste. It’s pretty amazing how shredding and then frying can give a similar texture and fairly tasteless food!

Simple Cauliflower Rice
(we actually don’t even do this much in terms of recipe. We’ll just shred the cauliflower, saute it in a pan with olive oil, and add salt and pepper)

Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice