World’s Best Salsa Recipe

Not one for hyperbole, I truly think this is the best salsa recipe out there.

Whenever we travel down to Austin to visit Ditty’s family, they have this addicting homemade salsa that puts the Tostitos and other store-bought varieties to shame. For some reason we never actually put that recipe into action until recently. So although my brother-in-law told us to bottle this up and sell it, I’m going to share the World’s Best Salsa Recipe with YOU! (Thank you to Trixie for the recipe!)

high res-2016-01-09-Recipe salsa-5372

2 cans (14oz each) peeled or diced tomatoes (If peeled, then dice and use all the liquid)
1 can (4 oz) green chiles
3-4 spring onions (scallions)
2 cloves garlic minced
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 Tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/2 bunch fresh cilantro chopped
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/3 can jalapenos or fresh chiles (if you want spicy. If not, leave out)

1. Dice the scallions, mince the garlic, and chop the cilantro.

high res-2016-01-09-Recipe salsa-5375

2. Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Pulse for a few seconds at a time until all ingredients are mixed together. You should have a darker red color with flecks of green (which is the cilantro and scallions)

high res-2016-01-09-Recipe salsa-5376

4. Store in a container and refrigerate. Makes about 4 cups worth of salsa. Keeps for 2-3 weeks. You may also make batches and freeze some.

high res-2016-01-09-Recipe salsa-5378
Note: This is a bit “runnier” than a standard Tostitos salsa, but then again, it’s 100x better and is Paleo approved. Above is an example of using it on breakfast tacos: corn tortillas, bacon, fried egg, and World’s Best Salsa. Yum.
 Feel free to share this and spread the word!

Coach P’s Nutrition Tip #8 – Use a Slow Cooker

Our box, CrossFit Thermal, is doing a month-long nutrition challenge from July 7-August 7. Members are choosing various levels of engagement, ranging from strict Zone to strict Paleo, to “no grains, no extra sugar.” I will be posting a short nutrition tip to help people stay on point and make clean nutrition a life-long habit instead of just a short term “diet.”

Nutrition Tip #8: Use a Crockpot

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.26.18 PM

Many people will say they “aren’t good at cooking” as an excuse not to cook. Well a crockpot/slow cooker is an almost fool-proof way to save time and energy for cooking without actually cooking. We have a $15 Crockpot from Target, but some people will splurge for fancier ones around $100. (The fancier ones have timers on them, but I just use a regular light timer that was about $3 in between the Crockpot and the outlet) You can throw in a bunch of ingredients, set it for low for 8 hours or so, and walk away. When you come back, you’ll have a fully cooked, delicious meal waiting for that day or for the week.

Here are two of my favorite recipes for the crockpot. We’ll divvy each of these up for lunches and for the chicken recipe, add green beans into the glassware as a side. Don’t be afraid to double the recipe (as long as it fits) for bigger families or appetites.

Chocolate Chili – Melissa Joulwan The Clothes Make the Girl

Balsamic Chicken – Paleo Fresh

Do you have any good slow cooker recipes? Post to comments!


Recipe: Banana Coconut Smoothie

Here’s a quick recipe that I threw together to get some good calories in after a squat workout. There is a majority of fat, then carbs, then little protein. You can throw in protein powder or eggs if you want more protein; I was waiting until dinner for my protein fix and just needed easy calories and fat.  


1 banana

1/2 can of coconut milk

1 avocado

handful of macadamia nuts (~20) 

1 cup blueberries

1 cup water


Put all ingredients in a blender and…blend! 


I should note the obvious and say that if you’re looking to lean out, smoothies in general are not really the way to go, and certainly not one with 1,180 calories. Yes, at some point calories DO matter. Quality matters, but calories do too.

Anyway, some people would scoff at the avocado, but they are actually pretty mild and a great source of healthy fats.  The taste of the banana and the coconut milk overpower everything else and it’s a fairly mild taste at that. Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

Do any of you have quick smoothie recipes?? Any “must haves” for smoothie ingredients?